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Be Aware Whether You Are Using Adobe!

This is a trend we will see in the 2008 and end-users must be aware of it. One thing is Google spy on us with our acknowledge, another issue is every business related or not with software wants us to pay for being watched. The same history has been released about another giant as Dell. Adobe is quietly monitoring its software use.

The biggest issue is not the spying on users; the biggest issue is the deceptive server name, It's at least meant to confuse unwary users, and possibly meant to confuse misconfigured firewalls. -75th Trombone

I've read also that pretty much easy to find the passwords stored in Firefox [http://www.labnol.org/software/browsers/view-stored-password-firefox-internet-explorer/1906/]. So, please dear readers don't let those people victimize you because once someone else got access to your personal info, everything is gone and the only thing they will say is sorry and let you know about the event in much of the cases.

Nowadays the firewalls are kind of obsolete. Why? Because many people are using wireless connections and they forget to secure their networks, everyday we have in a growing scaled the proxies which grant to gain access to private networks even when they have installed firewalls. I don't think so security companies such as Symantec had yet developed something of this nature.

Anyway, not matter if blogs are on decrease [http://www.profy.com/2007/12/29/5-predictions-of-things-to-come-in-2008/] for the next year we users have to take care of our own safety. For schools it's been said by Jena Johnson we are testing new software that will help those poor unprotected guys web hangout safely.

In America this year will be full of politics. Not matter if Democrats or Republicans both will be forced to hold on top of American economy that practically is crashing and everyone is scared of saying it out loud. Anyone becoming guest in the White House will continue with the though immigration bill and must continue protecting Americans with something for us is scary:The enemy combatants [http://www.alternet.org/rights/42458]

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