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Joost: Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress

I am really inspired by what geeks did this weekend in the San Francisco Foodbank and brought my attention specially what Scoble ended up writing in the bottom of his post:"it’s the kind of testimony that reminds us that some people don’t just have jobs, they have callings."

Based on this concept and being a reader of Joost's SEO Blog. I want to support his job in The Best Search Blogs of 2007. I am not a Wordpress user yet but I really enjoy reading the advice Joost had offered in his blog during these two last years. He's a young and talented Dutch SEO and a Webdeveloper. He wrote a Meta Meta Worpress plugin during this year and now he's being nominated as The Best SEO plugin for WordPress.

So, if you still have questions about the SEO concepts and want to keep Joost de Valk working for his field and our interest, please head up to Search Engine Journal and follow the instruction to vote for our dear blogger.

Go straight to the votes page and look out for the category No. 4 (Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress : Run a Wordpress Blog? Which of these plugins do you feel is the most important for SEO purposes?) and pinch the number 5 in front the top first nominee: Vote Now!

Hope great results and the best for our fellow Dutch blogger: Joost de Valk

Cheers in the 2008! Welcome Gen Y.

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