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Trends And Tendencies for the 2008

Is customary at the beginnig of each new year to make wishes, perdictions and promises. In Education and Technology, first of all we want you to have a prosperous New Year and that all your wishes come through.

In this blog you will find more content filtered and sumarized in some cases of the tendencies in technology and of course our core knowledge, education. You can, beging this year follow or subscribe to our Shared Items in Google Reader. We've updated the way you can subscribe to this page. Now you're going to be able to get notifications by email, Skype, AOL Messenger and Twitter, thanks to the good guys at FeedBlitz(Pinch the blue email icon at the top right corner).

We are not changing gears but this year you're going to be able to advertise in Education and Technology, on any of our other blogs, websites and Squidoo lenses. Not that were trying to get rich but we will try to bring up the number of visit per day, RSS subscribers, Technorati and Alexa ranks.

TonNet will pay more attention to the uniportant bloggers, some of them might become stars and examples I do have more than one. I will stick to the quality of contents, that's all. More attention will be paid to the edition of our posts, as others bloggers think, the ones where I thought about the post for minutes or maybe hours turned out to be great. The ones I banged out really fast without thinking too much, were not good at all.

I emulate what Scoble has written in his 'What I've learned in the 2007' particularly points 10 & 11: "The one who has the most friends on Facebook, Twitter, Upcoming, Yelp, Plaxo, Flickr, etc does NOT win the game. But, the one who FOLLOWS the most people on each of those DOES have a better life! When people were courting me to join them invariably they’d pitch me with 'do you want to make a lot of money?' I always hesitated on that question. Why? I know lots of miserable wealthy people. The right question? 'Do you want to have a ton of incredible experiences and great friends?' Now THAT I can say yes to, and do often."

I want to thank all of you dear readers, visitors, subscribers and bloggers. Without YOU, this blog won't exist and TonNet won't pursue his happiness. Let's hope economy gets better in the States and the prognosis made at Searchblog become 99% certainly true. And that before all birds fly away, Blogger works hard to bring up its positioning from the 9th to the first level.

In the meantime, have you all a great day and a Happy New Year!

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