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Did You Get Your iPhone This Christmas? I Didn't.

I refrain to buy this gadget, the most nominated the 2007 but certainly I can not avoid to keep watching it every time I walk around Best Buy (as today) or any store you can mention. Openculture makes a list of the 10 ways to make your iPhone a better learning gadget and not only to call your pals and hear mp3s from iTunes:

Put Wikipedia on Your Ipod.
Watch DVDs on Your iPod.
Load YouTube Videos to Your iPod.
Make Other Video Formats iPod-Ready.
Convert MP3 files into One Big iPod Audiobook File.
Create eBooks for the iPod.
Record Web Audio and Move it To Your iPod.
Get a Civic Education on Your Ipod.
Load Maps onto Your iPod.
Study Foreign Languages, Take University Courses, and Listen to AudioBooks on Your iPod - All for Free.

After Mr. Jobs considered it was an expensive gadget and cut almost 200 bucks, now you can pay between 299 and 399. I am still holding up to get the second version and keep myself busy playing with Kokito's PSP 2001 Series.

Can you please, list the best ways a PSP can be used as an learning improvement gadget?

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