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Firefox: Downloading Free Access Plus!

Firefox is said to be having problems to attract money and compete with the IE of Microsoft, which pours lots of money to keep their browser running. Even when Firefox doesn't offer technical support for the enterprise circle, the add-ons are one of the most strongest arms Firefox browser does have.

It's been over one month in the playground of the add-ons for Firefox , and today has more than 35 thousands downloaded. Its name is FreeAccess Plus! (download [Windows, Linux] and use it at your own risk , not before reading some of the reviews). But why is so important and why in such a short time this utility has received such a large number of hits? Well, if you take a look at this map built up by the Global Voices Advocacy, you can easily notice that many countries had banned the Internet access and that's precisely the point, this add-on allows Firefox to work as a proxy and bypass censorship of YouTube, del.icio.us, Flickr, Technorati, FriendSter, livejournal, MySpace, Hi5 and even some other Persian (farsi) sites in Iran and other countries where they decided to blocked these sites ...

The note has been taken from GVO(Global Voices Online) and according to the article, the add-on author, MohammedR has said, current version of FreeAccess Plus! does not support the option to add websites to those currently listed. However, this feature — an editable and configurable list — will be added in a future version of the program.

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  1. I cannot acess the download link for the above mentioned application is the link present anywhere else othe than firefox addons what is the use of such an application which says it will free all blocked websites but can be blocked itself.

  2. Sorry to hear that, I might be able to help you out if spent few minutes and write an email. Thanks for your concern.

  3. Good morning Sir, i am tunisian girl,thank you for this program but i have a problem that I cannot acess the download link can you help me please. thank you very much Sir

  4. Good evening Sir i am the tunisian girl thank you for the link to install freeaccess plus but i can't resolve my problem which is the connexion to the web site "www.youtube.com",It always displays me this message: "The requested URL www.youtube.com was not found on this server".
    Can you help me please
    Thank you very much
    good night

  5. Good evening,free access plus not work,i m tunisian.can you help me please

  6. Links have been updated. Thanks for coming to our blog regarding this Firefox Add-on.

  7. There is a proxy tool named "hotspot shield" I think it's the best. This is the link of the newest version:http://is.gd/19D7d