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From Kids to College Students, All Are Rushing Into the Online Worlds

Not a surprise Facebook has been elected the socialnetwork of the year, even when My Space still holds the most number on registered users. More than one person also has said that what it was the benefit of socialnetworks created and seated in communities like Facebook or Friednster, but whatever they say, socialnetworks has a great impact in the daily life of Gen Y people.

And companies had realized that and now they're pushing hard to get kids into the virtual worlds with websites masked as socialnetworks when the reality is they only are looking for promotion of consumerism. Look out for example at clubpenguin.com, webkinz.com or pixiehollow from Disney.com All of them aim to a 'quick growth' in our kids. What would happen to our kids if Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at the research firm eMarketer, estimations are truth; that 20 million children will be members of a virtual world by 2011, up from 8.2 million today!

I know you all read about the Gen Y but let me tell you that those youngsters are getting to the college right know and for them (not for us) almost everything it's been done online. Not we are those microcelebrities now blogger are talking about but certainly most of us, familiar with the Internet had googled our names and why not 'observers' who are looking for more background about our personal life. This is the case with applicants for college(pdf); high school students accustomed to social-networking Web sites have flocked to new online sites that let them send information about themselves to colleges in hopes of gaining an edge over fellow applicants. Websites such as admish.com, cappex.com, edsoup.com or zinch.com are playing a great role in the registrations this year. Scott J. Sech from edweek.org reports that more than "20 percent of colleges and universities sometimes review students’ social-networking profiles, and that more than a quarter sometimes look for information on students via search engines."

So, be careful what you have online. And please, before you google your name get to know what's going on in the blogosphere(http://www.profy.com/2008/01/04/analyzing-the-current-state-of-the-blogosphere/).

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