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ReadBurner: Will GoogleReader Come Up With Something Better?

After tracing back the visit of Louis Gray, I encountered he was introducing a new feeds aggregator. It's the ReadBurner created by Alexander Marktl in his free time as himself pointed out in the About page of ReadBurner.

ReadBurner Revamps writes Luois after he acknowledges his page hitting the 92 score on TechMeme LeaderBoard. What still don't understand though is, how come his page is only PR4 with all the important content he publish and all updates he offers.

Let's go back to ReadBurner. If you visit the page you're going to meet very visible bloggers over there, counting that the Google Reader aggregator is only two weeks old! Now, Marktl tell us how it works:

...Works by constantly updating RSS feeds of currently several hundred linkblogs. In order to filter out the best stuff ReadBurner counts, whenever an item is shared by multiple persons.

It's time to subscribe to GoogleReader, make share some of your links and go and burn your link blog in this very useful new aggregator.

Does anybody in Google realize that? Well, let's see what they come up with.

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