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Microcelebrities: How to get heard without being rich!

A few days now, I was reading some posts about a new term that it's becoming viral in the Internet: The Micro celebrities. At least, that's how Scoble define a blogger with a deep knowledge in particular field of expertise. You all know, we have millions and millions of blogs and in all different languages, but how is it possible to become a celebrity just being a blogger?

First of all, you need to have guts to keep up with your writings and the process of searching new and updated information. Not the info you can get from the very first blog, but trusted sources that respect privacy and copyrights where is necessary. No wonder your reader don't leave comments, they will leave them after you show expertise or authority. Watch out the Lazysphere.

In order to be heard, first thing you need to do is host a blog. Yes, that's easy you might say. What it's hard to find is the name and the field you're going to cover. You don't want a simple personal blog for such a celebrity. So, consider Kyle Eslick's advice, as to how find a good domain name. Look for these topics: The Domain length, Memorable, Easily Spelled, Includes Keywords and Avoid Plurals. Then, if you still need help, subscribe to a wide community bloggers where you are going to get support for keep going. A good resource is Bloggst.

Make yourself noticed online, but most importantly, don't get discouraged if someone comes to tell you that your writings 'stink', that they disagree with you in many points or in the worst case scenario they steal your postings. Muhammad Saleem, gives a good sample of what's going on with Bloggers exposure:

"...the problem you start having is that if there is a relatively young and insightful blogger who is going up against an already established blogger with an extensive audience, it’s incredibly difficult for the younger blogger to break through."

It's terrible hard to become a millonaire but it's as hard as a blogger can be a celebrity, knowing the millions of millions are better than you and similar quantities are worst than you. YOU are the best blogger, ever! Keep that in mind.

Aditya Mukherjee also writes about two different things bloggers should be watching in the blogosphere: "It’s about time we differentiated between popularity and quality."

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  1. Tracing back, Kyle? Thanks for your short note.

  2. Thanks for the link. The issue really is 'breaking-through' ... unfortunately, people who're 'good' in their respective fields, but don't have popular blogs give up writing. That deprives us of some sincerely insightful and knowledgeable things that we might have learnt.

    I'd really like to see more people catch on to this idea, and then someone with enough time and resources would do something about it :) good post!

  3. Thanks Aditya, we're trying to do our homework.

  4. This is great information. I have felt 'lost' in this massive world of blogging. I really had no idea it was so huge! i am a 'newbie', but I enjoy what I am doing so far. I love being able to share what is on my heart. The biggest reward for me is not the money, but the chance to possibly touch someone else's life. God Bless You.

  5. Anna- Thanks. Your comment encourage me to keep the hard work of blogging.

  6. thankss- it's not that i'm tryyinng to become a mini-celeb. i just want to get my posts noticed.. i love fashion, yet i cant afford most of the top designs, yet i still feel that i have alot to say about the fashion world including; art, music, photography and so onee.. ^^

    but thanks for the postt, I got a lot of useful info :)