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RSS: Exchange Feed With Us, Please

More Cartoons from Dave WalkerIt may sound hilarious but it's truth. We are open for feed exchange, just leave a note or email us your interest. I've found quite interesting what Kumowai has posted today and I think you might be interested in some exchange, as far as your content is good, related, and traffic are alike ours. Why not give it a try.

If you re-post it, please mention the name of the blog where you've found it. Let's make it viral. Yes, I know, nothing to be with education and technology but what about if we don't have readers? We don't collect money, our only single satisfactions id to be read or to be seen. Don't you?

Here, the transcription of Toast & Egg & Me:

Would you like to exchange feed?
Exchange feed please.
Do you want to exchange feed?
Come and exchange feed.
You subscribe my feed, I subscribe your feed.
Please exchange feed with me.
I hope to exchange feed with you.
Can you please subscribe to my feed?
Feel free to subscribe to my feed.
Subscribe to my feed if you like the post.
Let us exchange feed.

Small bloggers can also have a descent readership!! Don't just pile feeds as you can see in the right corner of this post. Share it, spread it, enjoy it.

If you want to receive my future posts regularly for FREE, please subscribe in a reader or by e-mail. Follow me on Twitter. For other concerns, Contact Me at anytime.

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