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eBlogTemplates Wants To Convert Wordpress Themes

This is our gratitude for the person who's made this blog not only look nice but very professional (not money down). eBlogTemplates is holding a contest from now until March 16th, 2008. As the post says, all bloggers are in call just make sure your Wordpress selection are under Open Source and it is a in a blog-style format.

After finding what you think is the winning template, paste the template name and url where it can be demoed and downloaded from in the comments box below. Make sure there’s not already the same template suggested otherwise the person who first submitted it will only be considered. If you’ve designed your own template feel free to suggest it as well. Just make sure it’s really cool and high quality otherwise it might be removed from the list

So, join in David W Cowhill and help him help others to get a nice Wordpress theme converted into Blogger code. We have plenty of time to participate and choose among those thousands of nice looking Wordpress designs.


I've noticed many hits are coming to this page, looking for templates to be switched into Wordpress. Here a good place to place such a requisition, it's not for free but very, very affordable.

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