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Hillary Thinks: MacCain Will 'Gut Obama Like A Fish'

One of the things I hate about politics is that in this arena everything is acceptable. Today I saw a magazine where the subtitle said 'How Hillary will win' this democratic nomination and immediately it pointed it out, is better to ask 'How Hillary lose' the nomination?. All media is talking about how all the political machinery of the Clinton's has failed, many reports even say the same advisers are not happy about themselves because they don't know (they weren't prepared) to fight the Obama phenomenon. Just today is circulating a picture that nobody knows how come it hit the net, surprisingly now the Hillary feels behind even in Texas where Hispanics that regularly were loyal to Clinton are jumping ship according to an interview to a member of Davila's family over the south of Texas, he had pictures showing in his terms, that one third were white, the other third Hispanic and the remaining black. In Ohio, workers need answers and they think the Clintons already had their opportunity and now it's time for a change, no more outsourcing jobs from Ohio manufacturing plants.

CBS and the NYT poll found Obama ahead of Hillary nationally, 16-points ahead. Now they want to stop Obama telling Americans that cultural heritage is bad. Everyone already knows the spiritual origins of Obama ancestors, Muslim. So, what is wrong about to wear something is part of their spirituality and culture. What American living in another country can be diminished just because he/she likes to celebrate Thanksgiving in the very American way?

Why they don't show and comment about The Clinton Chronicles? I want to save your time, just click the video and make your very own conclusions.

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