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Edublogs.org is the place for you to start a blog !


Edublogs.org was launched and as any start up the beginning was kind of slow, but as for right now is one of the best places to open a blog (free hosted). This is a niche dedicated for educators and all related matters; however there are not restrictions as for who can open a free blog. We’ve already made a reservation that can be seen in here but being this an educational blog we would like to recommend all teachers to open their blogs just here at Edublogers.org. What are the advantages? They just launched the Forums Feature which is generating a lot of buzz because this will change the approach many teachers were having while hosting their blogs in edublogs.org; now they are going to be able to attract student and not only make them open an account but get them to participate in any issue that will be showed in a particular forum. Isn’t that great, when we all know students enjoy spending time online?

These are some reasons why you should open an account in this Wordpress platform service:

1. Experiment with contemporary, customizable themes.
2. Simply embed videos, podcasts, images and a whole lot more.
3. Import from other blogging sites – or export back to them.
4. Great support and community.
5. These are not just blogs you know… it's a Wordpress technology.
6. It’s not (just) the technology, it’s the pedagogy too.

While you click away, please, feel free to drop any comments whether you know a better place to host free blogs in an educational commitment. Enjoy!

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