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Photoshop: Brushes And Useful Resources

I won't provide detailed information here about all the Photoshop Brushes but I would like to introduce to you a very resourceful blog and webpage where you can find all (or almost all) information about graphics and illustration explained in a easy way in tutorial and how-to explanations that even the inexperienced can catch it in a fly.

Photoshop is so far, the most popular graphics editing program. Produced by Adobe, its latest version is CS3. Having hundreds of plug-ins, brushes and gradient packs, Photoshop is increasing in utility every day.

Why am I writing about graphics-illustrations.com? The answer is the picture below.

Entrecard Designs Silvia is the person behind all this work, she's Croatian and before establishing graphic-illustrations. com she was writing for blogspot hosting blogs but even when she's concentrated in her page she also holds two more pages Blogffiliate, Squidoo Photoshop Brushes and BSilvia.com where she continues working with Photoshop graphics (over 600 dollars you might need to get it) and where tallking about her home country, she points out:

...for many Croatians it’s just not easy to go to Croatia, spend time to find the old roots. And even if you go there for a few days the weather is lousy, it rains or it’s too foggy to make a nice shot of your ancestors place.

Silvia was holding a contest for Entrecard Cards and still is offering for free some over here. And that's how we met Silvia and how she was able to design some Entrecards, as that on top right of our page.

She's all into business but we haven't paid a buck and we are not being paid for this review. It's the quality of her job and the social networking which compel us to write about Silvia. She's updating her page every Monday and Thursday, so stay tuned and in the mean time check out her newest Valentine Photo Contest!

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