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After 'Kristen', What Americans Are Doing?

JulyNo more taboos in the web 2.0 era even when consequences could make fall down people that in other times where example for Americans but no more here in New York. Wired brigs a interesting report about Brian Alexander's book America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction .

Alexander observed and interviewed people countrywide and he holds skeptical about critics who suggest personal experience may be necessary to present a really balanced chronicle of contemporary sexuality, and he backs up his skepticism: "If I'm going to cover a war, I have to kill people? " The author creates a powerful and entertaining look at what is really going on in the American bedroom, sex club and adult store and even church, and demands we should think about how to move ahead to create a sexually healthier society. Hope you read in the net an article it said teens in a very high percentage were infected by chlamydia, herpes and other related stuff.

Internet had changed not only that way we perceive life and human activities but it also had an impact in our dorms, not matter your young, adult or not living in a social recognized group. As Regina Lynn writes, "Over and over again, Alexander's subjects told him that the internet had opened their eyes, dispelled their fears, given them new avenues for pleasure, and provided support as they figured out what they really wanted from sex."

How we as parents or teachers are supposed to teach this intricated pathways to our kids or students? If they're learn not from us anymore, not even from their friends, they just have to sing in to a forum or type in the question in Google and they have they very own way! Can we still control what they are to learn in about sexual education and sex?

I will gladly read your answers.

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