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Science so Poorly Covered by Cable Television

Once in awhile mass media echoes science, applications and derived tools from its core knowledge. Wired, brought in its attention to this topic and Brandom Kein asks, why science is so poorly covered by cable television and would say all mass media? The extract he mentions cane from The State of the News Media 2008 and synthesis is quoted from Wired: The Project for Excellence in Journalism just released The State of the News Media 2008, its annual analysis of cable television news. The mediascape proved barren: On average, five hours of viewing would yield 71 minutes of politics, 26 minutes of crime, 12 minutes of disasters and 10 minutes of celebrities. Science, technology, health and the environment received just six minutes of coverage (with health and health care accounting for half of that.) Are we educators taking science to level it should be? Or are we forgetting to favor technology?

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