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Bloggers Are Journalists!

No matter how important articles are written by all bloggers worldwide, A-list bloggers who read each other and rarely will land on this blog, still argue on this affairs even when a judge back in the 2006 in Canada [es], determined for the very first time, bloggers are journalists.

Today, jkOnTheRun points out three reasons why the author doesn't care being identified or not as a journalism and we abide by those three points that we add as an excerpt:

1. Always tell the truth. It doesn't matter how trivial the topic or how serious. The truth will set you free and keep you that way.
2. Opinions matter but only if they are clearly identified as such. Don't pass opinions off as fact and your readers will keep trusting what you say.
3. Never quote a statistic without revealing the source. Bloggers are starting to fall into the same pit that MSM journalists often fall into by quoting some arcane statistic that is meaningless. Let the reader decide if the source means it's a reliable statistic or not.

Are you dear fellow blogger concerned about what the media or the A-list bloggers have to say on this business?

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