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American Students Seen By An European

The following is a translation from a blog post of Borja Ventura and we've decided to include it in our blog because this is a evaluation of the students time not elaborated by an insider but an Spaniard

Aside from the erroneous perception of Europe on the American policy, there are other major differences between this portion of the pond and the other (no, I won't speak about the use of weapons, or of patriotism or other things known). One is certainly education, so battered and discussed in our country. And to sample this button.

This is the time's distribution of the time American students:

They sleep 7 hours per day
Watch television an hour and a half a day.
They are on the Internet three and a half hours a day.
Listen to music two and a half hours a day.
They talk for two hours a day through cellphones.
Three hours a day in class.
Three other dedicated to the study.
Use two hours to eat.
They work on average two hours per day.

Altogether, 26 and a half hours because there are things they do at the same time other stuff. They are part of the findings of this video, created by Michael Wesch in cooperation with 200 students from Kansas State University. In principle it does not seem so different customs huh? Now, look what's happening in their classes and how they run.

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