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Twitter Morphology

I don't quite use Twitter for my daily activities but I can surely have my own opinion on this filed because everyday read and try to catch up with something new in the blogosphere, visiting precisely this microblogging tool. I might be into what Read/Write Web calls a 'listener'. Thanks to M. Weller I've landed to an interesting post about the different manners a person can be using Twitter (many I know, still think Pownce is better, though) and for your benefit and myself as well, I want to recommend the reading of his posts.

He's talking beyond the listener, talker and hub that Alex Iskold is talking about,this is just a way of thinking about how we use Twitter, not implying that people must conform to one of these types, Weller says.

The author of the original post finish his document saying that "perhaps this is really a classification of Twitter uses, rather than users." Check out for yourself:

- Twitter as an added bonus.
- Selective interaction with users.
- Small scale interaction.
- Wide peer network.
- Large scale users.

Want to add up some more? Let us know What it is missing in here.

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