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Homeschooling On Debate

Downes begins the thread quoting and getting his opinion on a post written by Joanne Jacobs and it has to be with a legal issue aroused in California, whether it is or enough to have a kid homeschooled. Downes has said it all depends on the parents' credentials to 'train' these kids in David Friedman's understanding but 'indoctrination' in the Jacobs conception. Many of his readers had get him in hot waters because it seems they misinterpret what he had said in this post and which is answered in the video we add at the bottom.

The problem is the conception we are having for education, instruction and maybe training. Are our kids getting trained or instructed, not matter what the law says. it all depends what we as educators understand as our main goal when we have kids in the classroom trying to pay attention to all what we have to say or in this particular case their parents. If what we conceive is training then parents can do that job, let them to the professionals but if it's instruction, parents are qualified to do that but of course, this is where we agree with Downes position, if those same kids are going to get involved in the 'official' system, then their parents will need to be credited to do that job. Period.

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