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Trackbacks: Publico And Twingly Are Having Lots of Hits

Twingly.com automatically lets you view what blogs are talking about and every article that is published by them it's pinged back to newspapers; in this approach Publico (a Portuguese newspaper) compiles the trackbacks to all blogs linking to its website.

People in charge of edition of Publico are happy with the use of Twingly because they've seen their comments to come up. Portuguese and Spanish media are following the website in hope to get the reward. Check out for example what's going on with ciberjornalismo.com or ecuaderno.com

Buzz that Publico has generated it's because of the results. A quick and easy way to connect the blogosphere to traditional media and benefit mutually from traffic and the possibility of increasing interactivity and conversation to the traditional media on the Internet that give credit to weblogs.

Can be this implemented in globalvoices?

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  1. Thanks for your reference to eCuaderno. My post about the trackbacks in Publico: El diario portugués Publico estrena trackbacks. I agree with you that it could be a great improvement to Globalvoices.

  2. Thanks for dropping by J. Lori and for being monitoring who's talking about you!