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Education & Tech: Top 20 Posts All Times

There is a great tool which help us analyzes RSS/blog feeds. AideRSS,PostRank allows you to determine the popularity of each of your posts according to the number of comments, Diggs, Del.icio.us bookmarks, backlinks and clickthroughs. Although, as for us, one of the most useful features of AideRSS for bloggers is the ability to analyze the popularity of items in your own blog feed!

Here are our top 20 posts all times.(Thanks to bloggerbuster.com)

1. Please, your Majesty don't get angry. [link]
2. Holly Jobe: The changing expectations of learning. [Link]
3. Comics: Friends 2.0 [Link]
4. Steve Jobs: Following his Macworld watchers. [Link]
5. The future in technology is here. [Link]
6. Merry Christmas to all of you. [Link]
7. Dealing with cellphones in our classrooms. [Link]
8. Academic Social Networks, academics are wary people. [Link]
9. Why the so popular Scoble isn't getting comments on his blog as before. [Link]
10. Social filtering, the new great challenge. [Link]
11. Find out who's the one that couldn't finish college and is rich and famous![Link]
12. Firefox, downloading Free Access Plus. [Link]
13. HC: MacCain will 'Gut Obama like fish'. [Link]
14. Jump onto Technorati train. [Link]
15. Support Freddom of Speech. [Link]
16. Best Flickr Photo during 2007. [Link]
17. Edublogs.org is a great place to start a classroom blog. [Link]
18. Why Technorati ranking is also important. [Link]
19. Experiences: An online continuig education case. [Link]
20. How to cheat schools under Internet filters. [link]

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