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School for Riches and Schools for Impoverished

I thought education was running ok even on war times and in the presence of a globalization not only of the economies but inflation, as well. The dollar it's not the heavy currency that used to be and it seems is affecting not only the pockets of suv's drivers but schools and parents.

No matter if we have just a web we need education for everyone and at all levels (hem, does any of the presidential candidates has spoken about it). We cannot keep up with chart schools or even worst Schools for Poor. Definitely, the intentions of The loose-knit group, called the New Schools Collaborative, Piton Foundation, Donnell-Kay Foundation and the Daniels Fund, are well received for their work in urban education in Denver.

But society doesn't have to pool money to solve problems the government has to. The knowledge of this gropus will help jump-start the creation or replication of schools that have proved successful with students from low-income families. Please, I do agree with their work and intentions, what I disagree is the segregation of poor families, poor kids, whre is the money of No Child Left Behind?

Might be that I'm so ignorant or I'm right. We just need a single school for everyone!

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