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Video Games: There Is Not Data Yet!

Ending of April of this year,  Do Reisinger wrote a interesting article about video games and its influence on the behavior of our kids.  As for my personal experience ( I"m father of a 10 years kid) , let me tell that sometimes I 've got scared about the conversations  my son and I,have about his games. He enjoys video games  violence and he says he cannot  find pleasure in a game that doesn't show violence and blood, he thinks that's funny!?

Now, my kid is a normal boy and  of course millions of kids worldwide are acting, thinking and saying the same stuff about video games. I don't care what Sociologists or Psychologists will tell me, I do know video games have a particular influence on these fragile minds and I let me  agree with .Dave Grossman, "Our kids are learning to kill and learning to like it. The most remarkable example is in Paducah, Kentucky the school killer fired eight shots, getting eight hits, on eight different milling, scrambling, screaming kids. Five of them were head shots (Grossman & DeGaetano, 1999)."

The author of this article published on  Cnet.com refers to  Dmitri Williams who is of the opinion that "some games don't lead to aggression, but I am saying the data are not there yet [and] until we have more long-term studies, I don't think we should make strong predictions about long-term effects"

Yeah Alright! Same as government oversees these problems, food and medicines are allowed until something wrong is found! Let's go ask the kids who grow up knowing nothing but poverty and violence in such extremes that becoming a suicide bomber seems like a viable option for them. Lets ask them about the impact of any video game on their life.

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