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Does Education Really Matters in this Global Economy?

I won't answer this question but I want to hear your comments on this one. Why I don't have an answer? To give an answer of this character you have to have the knowledge and the experience and I don't. It's a complicated issue that many of you will jump in and start talking whether this were a colloquial conversation, but it isn't.

How come that big positions in the labor market are being occupied by people with a different degree for which they are serving? This is the point, and for discussion I would like to bring a Forrester specialist, Jeremiah Owyang.

In a very interesting post about his Six Carrer Tips this gentleman has written, Education matters, but not as much as you thought:

"..More and more executives I meet have degrees in something they didn’t study in school for. For most jobs, they hire you because of what you can do for them, not what school you went to. There’s a reason why education falls to the bottom of the resume, and the ‘value statement’ is at the top, quickly followed by real world experience. Don’t get me wrong, education is very important, a bachelor degree is really expected in today’s workplace, but I often lean on the broad, theoretical knowledge I gained as a primer (or glossary) for me to dive in deeper in the business world."

How many of us, teachers were prepared to work in a different environment and still we do a great job but shouldn't we making more money on that original career? Yes, I know, many will be saying that it's a matter of time and adult decision, even though you are a sacrificed labor intellectual and your bank account is almost empty and your family struggling to get in the big leagues or finish paying your mortgage.

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