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Is Rubel being paid to promote Friendfeed?

Steve Rubel is PR guy well respected by us and we trust him when he says, "despite what some think, I am not being paid by Friendfeed to endorse their service."

While some people are flocking to Plurk (rival of Twitter) some others are holding to lifestream.fm However, Friendfeed is also useful if you want to work around social networks. Bloggers are being signaled as journalist by some and as pastimers by others, but at the end, bloggers have voice and are being listened. Let's take Steve word: "People are increasingly turning to their peers for news, information and recommendations. And Friendfeed is more than an aggregation site or a community that's layered on top of others. It's a recommendation engine that surfaces content (both pro and amateur) via your peers - and that's huge. Sure there are things wrong with it, but I believe Friendfeed is incredibly disruptive. It's the next big thing online for consumers. It may even become the next Google."

Well, I am not so sure about his last assertion but Friendfeed has a long way and if you still don't have an account , just try it and feel free to add or subscribe to ours!

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