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Michael Wesch, his Conceptions on the Future of Education

This video is about Wesch's Web 2.0 wisdom presented at the University of Manitoba on June 17th. 'It is all about media literacy and how he engages his students at Kansas State University. This 66 minute video is well worth the time in order to get a glimpse of how he tries to make students knowledge-able' says Stephen Downes

During his presentation, Michael Wesch, an cultural anthropologist, explains his attempts to integrate Facebook, Netvibes, Diigo, Google Apps, Jott, Twitter, and other emerging technologies to create an education portal of the future.

'It’s basically an ongoing experiment to create a portal for me and my students to work online,' he's explained. “We tried every social media application you can think of. Some worked, some didn’t.”

If you are not yet familiar with professor Wesch work, consider subscribing to his YouTube channel.


Jack Chorowski also says, 'Web 2.0 shows that everyone is better than anyone; a large group working together can create information rivaling the content of experts.'

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