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IE8 Beta 2 and Firefox Add-on You All Must Have

We here at Education & Tech love Firefox and of you happen to be using IE still will notice some strange behavior in displaying our pages. However, people from Microsoft had said, "While Beta 1 was for developers, we think that anyone who browses or works on the web will enjoy IE8 Beta 2. We haven't downloaded it yet but it's a matter of time. Try it out! And speaking of browsers, did you know that Firefox allows you to play videos from your favorite video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MySpace right from within your Firefox sidebar? There is an add-on that you can download here. This is a must-have Firefox add-on. Please, share with us what else is going on apart of BackType in the OpenSocial lab! Update: Listen CNET Review of IE8 Surprise, surprise... IE8 will not trigger standards-compliant mode by default :(

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