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Education Today 08/30/2008

New Schemas for Mapping Pedagogies and Technologies

Research looking at how students are appropriating technologies points to similar changes in practice: students are mixing and matching different tools to meet their own personal needs and preferences, not just relying on institutionally provided tools and indeed in some instances shunning them in favour of their own personal tools.

Teachers propose, donors choose

Donors Choose [http://www.donorschoose.org] lets teachers submit projects that need funding. Donors can pick an idea they want to fund.

Learning Styles Don't Matter

You are all different. You already know this, of course, on a less than formal basis. You recognise that when one student pipes up with, "Can I just ask a question...?" you can expect something really stupid and irrelevant, and that when another starts the same way it will really put you on the spot. Some will make notes even of your jokes, and some will relish the little exercises you set up to break up your presentation, while others will whinge that you are holding back on the correct answers."

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