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Olympics: Learning to Fake from Chinese Media

Alicia Sacramone is Hot!I haven't really paying much attention to the Olympics. Yes, they are on no fewer than 14 channels and as you all know summer prime time television is a waste of time (exception for public television as channel 13), but as we spend many hours in front of the computer screen, we feel as we know what went down even before it airs live.

China did pretty good at the initial illusions but no so good in the PR department. The only truth we al know is that Michael Phelps has no competition on the quest for eight golds. The China organization of Olympics started with the colorful explosions during the opening that actually were faked by computer graphics, then came the 7-year-old girl with her lip-synched because the real singer wasn't cute enough as to sold out Chinese. Now is the Chinese women's gymnastics team, which took the gold medal from the American team and they continue to fight agressively the plague of fake news, reporting that at least two of the girls were younger than 16.

So, what else is real? The horrific accident Janos Baranyai had last Wednesday. The silver medal for Ecuadoran marchist Jefferson Perez and the sad participation Alicia Sacramone had in the finals but ignite the attention of males. According to Google Trends, she reached # 1 position confirming that no matter what happened with those two mistakes, she is for many, real hot!

Until we have something to write on education. Have you all, a great weekend!

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