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Education Today 08/15/2008

Student and Teacher Blogging that Succeeds

Dean Shareski writes (reposted by Ideas and Thoughts) "we have a wonderfully graphical web and are beginning to recognize that writing is only one way we express ideas and communicate. The use of embedded video, audio and images provides a rich communication that goes well beyond words. Text still has importance but allowing embedding pertinent, interesting media can express ideas like never before."

We don't agree on this one, it might be on the edublogs experience but, blogging goes beyond reading; many even reference blogging as the echo chamber . Serious blogging (as we expect on education) is about writing on ideas, methods, procedures and sharing experiences in any space of the educational pyramid.

Edublogs.tv: Audio Embedding Success

How to embed audio from Edublogs.tv, turning the autostart function off! Anyone has tips as how to do it for Apple generated videos?

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