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Unitierra: Life Without Teachers, Between Discipline and Freedom

Scholars and researchers, teachers and parents are looking into new paradigms for a new system of education. A good first approach was already dropped out by Disrupting Class proposal but there is not enough and there are out there another reliable experiences.

The challenge isn't for American school only but, educational spectrum worldwide. In the 60's and before we could speak about instruction and we all were happy; today we have plenty of tools for successful knowledge sharing and then it appears as if all ideas written on centric-learning, were all plausible.

The other point, however is, how our schools as formal institutions are preparing students for life. Yes, some would start arguing that effectively, students are being trained for life in the U.S. otherwise American students will be a failure (What is failing is the educational system as it is). Are students on others countries being prepared for life? Mexico has created its own apprenticeship university to remedy what traditional school is not doing. Gustavo Steva explains in detail how Unitierra works, where you learn as you do, in other words, the they are applying the 'social learning', as life experience has demonstrated, the best way to transfer the know-how occurs precisely when learning and work is developing at the same time.

The Unitierra experience takes place in very well known community in Mexico, Chiapas and we were delighted to read this part:

One of the most important conclusions of our conversation was the explicit recognition that we learn better when nobody is teaching us. We can observe this in every baby and in our own experience. Our vital competence comes from learning by doing, without any kind of teaching.

Will this work in industrialized countries? What are the points of intersection between the student-centric proposal from C. Christensen and life without teachers in Unitierra?

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