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Teacher 2.0 : Is a Buzzword Only

Lauren O’Grady wrote a great post we want to comment on. Does this mean we now have a student 2.0? Is it the answer to Teacher 2.0? Well, think again, no so quickly. In the same way as other are talking about Connectivism, she says the point of education is not about upgrades it is about connections and learning. Since when we've updated from Teacher 1.0 to Teacher 2.0 or even yet to 2.1?

We've fell in the jargon of technology and we are thinking the process of education can be somewhat compared to their vocab. As Lauren thinks, we are coming to conclude that education is or will be better if we adopt the technological conception of Web 2.0, forgetting in the process, that education is not linear in any ways.

If your living in the US, your experiences are not quite close compared with those in other countries, specially poor countries where "good teachers have and always will use whatever tools are at their disposal and work with students to achieve amazing learning." This hasn’t changed with the advent of web 2.0 tools (which btw some inhabitants in poor countries don't use and don't even know b/c of the obstacles to a truly global conversation) and professing that we need to upgrade our teachers to 2.0 is making a mockery of why most of us became a teacher. I personally became a teacher, continues Lauren, to improve student lives and to work towards the collaboration and development of shared knowledge.

The post brought by All Teachers Are Learners deserves a re-reading and a good lecture. We really like these two parts with what we also agree:

I would like a teacher which is constantly improving and always working with and for students using whatever is the best tool for the situation. Buzzwords are allowing teachers to continue talk without taking action. Dean Groom tonight put it perfectly when he said he wants 'staff to actually SUPPORT kids and not talk about SUPPORTING kids'
It also doesn't matter which school you are at, whether they are rich or poor, private or state, if students are at the centre and are in positions where decision making occurs then things change.

Why is not acceptable to be using in education the concept of teacher-student 2.0?

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