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Education and Poverty: Blog Action Day 2008

Education and Poverty, Blog Action Day
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Many days transcurred since I signed up for the plight of poverty. It's the annual Blog Action Day. They have two immediate goals: raise awareness and raise money. Why? Because poverty is faceless and It's so easy to overlook the misery of others when we are entwined with our own. It's as easy as telling a lie and apparently it seems nobody cares about those in needy situations.

This past week I just read for example that some kids in a country in Latinamerica(Ecuador) were receiving classes under a tree because their old building just fell down and government was incapable to rebuild it as for now. Some others, can go to school, in part because they weren't fed well or simply they can even afford to buy the school supplies. I personally remember, when I was attending High School that my parents couldn't afford to pay me the quotes in order for me to go in a field-trip. I had to to watch how my other classmates could go and bring back souvenirs and showed me pictures, while I was working to try to help my parents.

I was encouraged to write this post now, when I read Doug Cloud post. He quotes Proverbs 21:13 and writes "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard." I don't know about you but I do believe in God ( my God) Doug shares a personal experience and he puts his talent to work in favor of poverty. "If you have a web site that is devoted to helping people in need and you would like a logo, redesign, or any graphical improvement he will lend his talent to the first three people to do so." Write to him here.

Being poor it's not a crime. It's a social level people has been suited to fight harder in order to live or survive. Money counts and is the value poor people cannot trade with, but their heart. Heart is the most valuable asset people in poverty can spare and youngster going to school should be taught of. If you cannot give out money until October 15th, then speak, write and use any channels to spread word of awareness of poverty.

The heading of this blog says that was created to build hope that education still can make you rich not only spiritually but economically. That's the hope of people living in the middle class or in poverty. Education is a social stair than can make you rich, rich in front of poverty, rich in front of emptiness. Study, go to school and do your best to be up in front and then return that richness to the poor.

There is another blog that really inspired me set aside our post on education and stop for a while and talk about the faceless poverty. Catherine of Pink Asparagus has created an article where each of your comments will earn a dollar (up to $100), which she will give to a local food bank. We stopped for a while and read her post that we enjoyed particularly this part, "When I was in elementary school my friends had free and reduced lunches. Their families looked like mine: single working parent; I was the only only-child I knew though. I asked my mom why I didn’t get my lunch for free like my friends. She put it simply, we were lucky. We were lucky that she had a good job. We were lucky that she could afford to pay for my lunch. Being a kid, I probably thought they were the lucky ones, they didn’t have to remember to bring three quarters to school every day."

Don't let those in poverty down. Make a legitimate plight of poverty.

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