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Tech in the Classroom Is More Than a Tool….It’s a Connector!

Don't be surprised when you trying to find information on education and technology, you are directed to multiple web sites or blogs, speaking, reproducing or creating on technology. All people is talking about technology as it is the most modern and sophisticated term nowadays.

Whether you have a site about integrating technology in the classroom or new applications recommended to smart use in your class, the only sites or blogs for that matter, listed on the top three google positions are those about technology but not referred precisely to education.

The thing is, even when you've mastered in the process of using the RSS feeds in the classroom, you still keep using the concept of technology per se and not connected to the learning process of your students. Jeff Utech from The Thinking Stick has arose the topic and wrote an excellent reflexion saying "that teachers’ use of technology is not the same as supporting teachers teaching with technology."

Teacher communications goes beyond what we understand as teacher's use of technology. This process implies a deep comprehension that technology for learning in the school room is about connecting students to disperse information and using applications that allow students to collect and manipulate data, ask questions and interact with this information.

"Let’s focus on learning, let’s focus on creating an atmosphere in which technology is more than a tool, but is an embedded part of our classrooms, our own thinking as we plan lessons, and a gateway to inventive teaching." continues Utech.

Teachers must be aware thought, technology knowledge is more than publishing a weblog or using copy/paste from Microsoft Office, thinking beyond replacement into a world where you can create, invent, and think about information and learning in new ways does not come natural to many educators. We need training and see things differently that everyone else is seeing or following throughout search machines or social networks.

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