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LinkedIn: Make Yourself Findable and Approachable

LinkedIn, which raised $53m in June at an eye-catching $1bn valuation, it's on its way again. This time the social network for professionals has pulled in another $23m - and at the same valuation, despite the collapse in stock prices since then, according to TechCrunch.

A company being this solid, deserves to be followed and pay attention where is it going. Education Professionals can miss the boat at they should all open their own profile at LinkedIn. (And why not befriend me?).

Jeff Cobb of Mission to Learn wrote on last Tuesday, his 7 LinkedIn Tactics for lifelong Learning and one of them is about how important is to make yourself findable and approachable:

"One of the best ways to build your own knowledge is to teach others what you know. So, the flip side of the scenario above is to make yourself available for connecting with others to share learning and knowledge. Make sure you have Expertise requests selected in the Contact Settings for your profile. Also, take the time to fill in your Specialties, Interests, and Groups and Associations. These all provide clues to the sorts of expertise you may be able to offer others. Be sure to note things like any foreign languages you may speak (and how fluently) as well as time spent traveling or living in other countries. Remember, LinkedIn has global reach," writes Cobb.

So, if you don't have a profile on www.linkedin.com, it's time to do it so. This social network it's here to stay and won't be part of the Web 2.0 meltdown!

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