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Looking Beyond the Physical Student To Be Successful in Teaching.

We are very close to Nov. 4th elections and as Clay Burell suggests, everything is political - except for edubloggers. For his I Didn’t Wordle as Rome Burned go here.

Not that we don't care about the crises Beyond School speaks to, but we are not in a position of suspending our edublogging assignments. Some other times we've also written about politics, today we want you to look beyond the physical appearence of a student and see him within if you really want to be successful in performing your career on teaching.

For this to be understood, we will cite a paragraph from Succesful Blogging:

I am concerned about how we label students so that they qualify for special education services. Now that the law requires a different way to determine if a student has learning disabilities, I think it has opened up the door for many different interpretations... (Read complete article)

Pat hopes that when you look at students and notice that they are having difficulties, you look beyond the standard generalizations of “it must be laziness”, “it’s just teenage angst”, “they will get over that”, “peer pressure will take care of that”, or “there is just no hope for them”. I hope that I don’t expect them to run when they really can’t do it. You need to remember that all disabilities are not easily recognized. You need to look beyond the physical student and see the student within if I want to be successful in teaching.

I am afraid many mistakes we as teachers are doing in this field and that is that reason why I have to put away hot election politics to attend a issue all teachers are confronted on a daily basis.

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  1. nicely said, i think that 'labeling' can be a pitfall to better understanding a person in general... indeed there are more reasons, deeper than what could readily be identified, as to how a person behaves and in the case of students how they perform in school...