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Looking Into Learning Necessities

Education is part of Humanities and we all know how diverse are the subjects referring to human beings. As such, find a particular niche in Education it's being hard all the time, and still we are far from get it. In this blog, we try to find the best posts about this subject although, it's out of our hands to cover everything related to the Educational Sciences. Research is a word so costly that not all scholars or researchers can pay. That's the reason of why we don't see much investigation on any of the areas of education.

Of course, we are not to be discouraged. Humanities now and then, have had to fight all its way and get to the position and representation they have today. Research is been made but we need more to get Education to its level. While we checked blogs today, we've found two gems about what we talking about, searching for what are the necessities of the people involved in education, in this case teachers and students.

Sue Waters reports on the results of her poll(How to use polls on blogs), what you most want to learn more about? "Using blogs with students’ was the #1 response for both (41% votes - Vizu, 20 % - PollDaddy). While Blog design was second/third choice (Vizu/Polldady) ranking of the other answers varied considerably between the two polls."

On the other hand, Gareth Long, encourages people in power positions to pay more attention to students. he shares an experience lived by the Students from High Tech High School in San Diego. They pleaded with passion: Please, build buildings that allow us to want to learn, rather than containing the learning process! and they went on to be more specific: Create somewhere relaxing and bright, so you can open the windows and see out, you know, somewhere you want to be 7 hours a day!

We all have worries and concerns in about what we should be learning, but we here are taking about formal learning. We need to know what people is in need of, so we can help you find the answers. As for us, we need to learn PHP, to switch our template to another place by ourselves? What about yours?

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