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Twitter: The Single Tool that Changed the Classroom Dynamics

Is no news that Twitter has changed life for many. At the beginning we were in doubt of keep course with Twitter or switch to Pownce. Time has given the reason to Twitter users, they remain highly solicited by avid users who wants to communicate from simple familiar things to very sophisticated themes.

In Forget E-Mail: New Messaging Service Has Students and Professors Atwitter, an assistant professor of emerging media and communication at the University of Texas at Dallas, David Parry, tells that reluctantly tried Twitter and now calls it 'the single thing that changed the classroom dynamics more than anything I’ve ever done teaching.' There is a classification for Twitter uses and Jeremiah Owyang prefers to name Twitter a Social Computer.

Using a microblogging tools like Twitter will encourage students to be more accountable and also for teachers to communicate more often with their students. It reaches beyond the classroom walls into the daily life of the teachers and students.

All this process, helps make school not so much 'out there' so to speak. It is an ongoing, lifelong learning tool. As a educator and while teaching a subject, you will begin to see and get excited about how you can use a microblogging tool for the classes.

Students need answers quickly and it seems as though this kind of tool would be helpful in that aspect. All the opposite with experiences lived by NYU Journalism professor, Mary Quigley, that is not up to speed on social media.

Are you already using Twitter in the classroom or on your daily activities? If so, don't hesitate to add me to your Twitter account.

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