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Edublogs Is Embedding Hyperlinks Intentionally

Students using Edublogs report feeling violated and that their content is being mis-represented by edublogs.com. We don't sell advertisement in this page but we are clearly okay with advertiser-supported services around the corner. What educationandtech doesn't like is users of free-hosting services having words or brands put in mouth that they have not chosen to support.

Christopher D. Sessums, accepts that he "clearly is late to this discussion" and points out:

While Mr. Farmer offers a cogent explanation for the need for revenue to support free, online hosting of Edublogs, he never says anything about embedding advertisements in user created content. I am not opposed to advertisements on free online applications. However, there is a big difference between placing an advertisement on a free site and placing an advertisement in the user's content. Huge difference. Major fucking difference. By doing such, Edublogs has crossed a line that is highly unethical in terms of having user's unknowingly endorse corporations or advertising content within content they have generated. Again, having a widget or a sidebar filled with advertising content is one thing; embedding advertisements in user generated content is another. The differences are not in the same ball park, not in the same area code, not in the same hemisphere.

What makes matters a tad worse is the defensive posture assumed by Edublogs and "drmike -- Volunteer Support Guru." They seem to be missing the point. Very few users are complaining about adverts. What users are concerned about is the way in which this situation is being managed. Since "drmike" is an anonymous unpaid professional, I suppose... you get what you pay for. You might think with the new advertising revenue being generated by Edublogs, they could afford to hire a less cynical customer relations person.

What do you think, is this a violation of our freedom and privacies?

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