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Reference: The Condition of Education 2000 –2008

It's great when you find statistics about education and to say the truth, we didn't have notice of this place. The Condition of Education is an integrated collection of the indicators and analyses published in the annual Condition of Education reports from 2000-2008. The reports come from the US National Center for Education Statistics.

Each year has a theme such as mobility in the teacher workforce, home schooling, reading and non-traditional undergraduates. Key indicators include participation in education, learner outcomes, educational progress and educational contexts - primary, secondary, etc. Online versions present the headline findings and graphical information. Detailed breakdowns of individual indicators are available as PDF files.

A user guide gives detailed information on the background to the studies including a technical guide to the research methods used. The site also includes a glossary of terms defining how they are interpreted in the reports and a bibliography of related publications.

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