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Thanksgiving Is Plenty of Family Fun Activities

Next weekend, all American families will have family gatherings and they are likely to have a houseful of guests. The problem is, the family is always made out of different generations, olders have a good time talking and eating turkey but youngsters don't even eat roasted turkey but they lack of the social skills and feel like the only pleasure lays on to browse the internet or kill time messaging.

There are good resources out there for those still looking for holiday greeting cards. The Official Google Docs blog, for example, reminded readers of the many templates available for Google Docs users. Teachers can use the Google Docs holiday-themed templates to have students create holiday greeting cards and newsletters through which they can develop letter writing skills.

Also, the Google Docs templates for students and teachers contains good templates for creating quizzes, attendance rosters, grade books, research reports, bibliographies, and many other useful templates.

Now, in the beginning, we said that these family gatherings are full of different generations. Kris Bordesa author of Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build Yourself recommends the following activities that can bridge the generational gap with the vantage of saving great memories this year on Thanksgiving Day.

- Gratitude guestbook, so all your guests can leave a picture and a note for you.
- People Poll, Make kids find someone who fits a certain bill.
- Getting to know you, trade candies in exchange for things most of the guests don't really know about this person.
- Photo op, picture-telling about the olden days!
- Guess who? A variant of hiding and seek to warm up the long-distance relatives.

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