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Business and Education: Future of Education Industry

Last week, we attended a eduConference at the Education Revolution and it was a great experience. Joseph of Teach Street Blog, wrote a note on the event and gave us a link back, that we want to show appreciation. The discussions focused on what members of education industry can do the help the progression of education and the tools that are out there to enable us to do so.

The education presentations tried to cover The Future of education and were referred to: 5 Free Weeb Tools for Collaborative Learning presented by Koichi C., Biggest Success Stories of the Web 2.O by Jon Bischke and Multimedia and Teaching presented by Alan Cohen.

Out there, in a field different than educators are familiar with, there are people who often think that business and academics can't walk together, and yes, there definitely is a big divide between schools and corporations. But Ramin, of SuperCool Blog think that's precisely part of the problem - because if entrepreneurs and educators unite, that's a very mighty force for the good of the world.

The eduFire conference is a good example to show that business and education should go hand in hand. Let's face it, that's one of the main purposes of school. To prepare you for making a living later on. What school does at this moment, is "churning out factory workers", in a time when even demand for these workers is diminishing so rapidly.

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  1. Hey Milton, thanks a lot for the shout out. The eduConference was definitely a good start, and it was great meeting so many people passionate about this subject. And yes, business and education should go hand in hand, especially during these economic times. Earn some extra money teaching what you love to do, and if you get lucky to do it as a living -- all the better. Cheers!