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Contribute to the Big Education Ideas of the 2008

The New York Times released last week The 8th Annual Year in Ideas and they dedicated three of them to the education: Kindergarten Redshirting is Bad in Many Ways, Two-Tier Teacher Contract, and The One-Room School Bus. 

Many have accused administrators as much as educators to be full of theoretical axioms, which hardly can be taken to reality. Aren't ideas about how society has developed and transformed all the time? Well, there are many ideas people who are compromised with education would like to promote and carry it to practice. A standardized curriculum for all students in well-developed countries may be one or as Alexader Russo suggests:

"A couple that come to mind include unionized charters (like Green Dot) that could finally unlock the innovation-security puzzle, open-source software and textbooks that could free districts from costly budget items, "artsy" charter schools that emphasize enrichment as well as remediation, turnaround efforts (they're back!), and - perhaps the biggest idea of all - the idea that real-world experience still counts." 

Another idea would be, how can any educator explain himself, why someone who worked inside the public system cannot be in charge of Secretary of Education!

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