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Empowering your Students. It's the Right Thing to Do

Is this a David and Goliath story? Who knows, but no matter what the outcome of the fight of these ninth graders from Georgia, they are mobilizing people same as Here Comes Everybody book that explains about what happens when people are given the tools to do things together, without needing traditional organizational structures.

The following is the story written by Lidija Davis of ReadWriteWeb:

Teacher Vicki Davis, in a blog post on the Dream Team site said that the class had contacted Livelyzens (other Lively users) and found that there are classrooms around the world using the tool. "On a Skype call between my class and some Livelyzen's yesterday, we learned that one Livelyzen has built a translator for multiple languages to allow avatars to communicate and speak in their native language! So cool!"

Students have found an incredible learning tool in Lively, Google’s online virtual world. They have created their avatars, performed plays, and even built a virtual school. Unfortunately, this tool is being shut down on December 31, 2008. Needless to say, the students are upset. And they’re not taking it lying down.

Once students are empowered and when they really feel motivated can do wonderful things. It's our hope Google can change gears or at least postpone the shutting down of Lively. Melanie Ching of Hoopili, warns people around education industry and internet marketing, on the suggestions of the 10 ways that Lively can make money for Google. Students "suggestions run the gamut from t-shirts and avatar clothing to charging for company rooms to asking for donations. However, their “pay for eyeballs” idea is the most innovative I have heard of in a long time. Internet marketers, look out, because these students are your future competitors!"

Now, the editor of Cool Cat Teacher Blog it's arguing of what is wrong with empowering students. Nothing, I would say. When I was an student it was normal to adhere to the riots and protest on the streets, no here in the United States, though. Students have to have voice and power, and teacher are on call to teach these rights to their students. You all teachers do know that "teaching is a harder job that running a multi million dollar cell phone market." Let's help those nighth graders, many more students and faculty interested in this kind of application. Spread word and write a post on you blog, make sure teachers and students are being heard.

Important. Do not start posting anything about the lively issue, until you read theFive Reasons Why Google Should Reconsider Lively posted by Vicki Davis.

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  1. Thank you so much for calling attention to this issue - the students are blogging at http://digiteendreamteam.blogspot.com and I highly encourage people to follow their work there.

    We don't have much time and there are no indications thus far that Google is listening! We wish and hope that they would!!!

  2. I am one of the students, protesting the shutting down of Google Lively, and I thank you for expressing concern for what we are doing. We have found that Lively is a good learning tool, and we are sad that Google is considering shutting down. We understand that we are just kids, that are taking on a big company like Google, but we also know that we have a chance at saving Lively. We thank you for mentioning us in your blog, and thank you for your support.