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The Secret to Success in Blogging Is to Share Good Ideas and Be Consistent

Last Friday, Moving at Speed of Creativity was down and people who reads and follows this blog was concerned, so they quickly demanded attention by his editor, Wesley Fryer. After this experience, Mr Fryer wrote an interesting post explaining what is the psychology behing his blogging experience, which is interesting to read because almost every edublogger that I know, once they start blogging, it won't ever stop.

Two reason are given by the great Fryer. He as every other edublogger, loves to learn, and one of the best ways he learns is by reading and writing. Wesley aspires to be a digitally relevant change agent in education in local as well as global contexts.

"One of our important responsibilities and obligations as true teachers is to help students choose the latter path in learning, rather than the former." is written in the Blog of Wesley Fryer.

Why we've picked this post? Simply put, because we also write almost on a daily basis and we thought this is a good chance to find out why nobody reads our blog, how come that we spend time compiling information, assuming that "too much blogging CAN be a bad" still people is coming back, leave comments and many still complain that nobody reads their blogs.

We think edubloggers should strike a balance between their on/offline lives, given this is often challenging. We are sure that if you are a passionate blogger-reader-writer, then you are into the 'digitally relevant' group of educators. But first try to understand these:

"You need to have good ideas to share. This does not necessarily mean having all the good ideas yourself, it can also mean serving as an aggregator and sharer of good ideas (and especially hyperlinks) of others. [additionally] you need to be a consistent voice. How is authority and trust built and maintained over time in the blogsophere? I think one way, and perhaps the most important way, is via a consistent voice."

What all this mean? It means that you are sharing ideas from a consistent philosophical and pedagogic perspective, and when you publish a daily post, it also means that you share frequently.

What keeps you posting on daily basis? What doesn't?

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  1. I think one of the most important keys to getting others to read your blog is to read their blogs, and to comment on them as well as link to them. That is how I found your post here!

    I need to dedicate even more time each day to blog reading than I do now... thankfully Google Reader on my iPhone lets me read new posts just about anywhere now.

    I think the inspiration I receive from other educators is one of the biggest things that keeps me blogging regularly.