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Tips for Reinforcing a Better Spelling in your Classroom

She's a graduate student at St. Peter's University, NJ and she's pursuing her Elementary Education Teaching Certification. Taran Fedor is excited to begin student teaching in January and is looking forward to enriching the lives of children. She had created a short-lived blog where she was collecting her thoughts and experiences in the school campus.

She has declared herself a 'visual learner' and from her own experiences gives credit to the positive impact of use of technology in the classroom, how to start 'geeking out' kindergartners and young students. Taran writes in regards, "My kindergartner's teacher did not use any technology in her presentation and the difference was evident."

Taran's Education Blog holds a great deal of posts about reading/writing in school and features some posts on spelling better. Since we've been searching about this topic lately (that's how we find Fedor), we would like to share with you dear readers, a video commented in the blog mentioned, its title is:7 Ways to Reinforce Spelling.

She's found one out of the tips, particularly refreshing and points it out, "One rule referred to what steps a student should take if she is having difficulty with a word. First step, try to sound it out. Second step, look up in dictionary or around the room to see if it is posted anywhere. Third step, ask a friend. Fourth step, ask teacher. I like this progression because it teaches kids responsibility, to rely on themselves first. However, it also teaches team building and collaboration by having fellow students help out when needed. (watch video)

We would like to find great blogs like this one. Recommend your blog or any other you think we should be reading. As for Taran, we want to thank her for sharing such a valuable experiences, we hope you come back to the blogging neighborhood so soon.

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