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The Web's Future is Multilingual

Certainly that many languages will be extinct by next century as Ethnolinguist K. David Harrison predicts but when we talk about world wide web things are a bit different.

Gone are the days in which you can launch a Web site in English and assume that readers from around the globe are going to look to you simply because of the content you're providing, is credited to be said by Zia Daniell Wigder, a senior analyst at JupiterResearch.

And that's precisely the predictions about what Daniel Sorid of The Herald Tribune just wrote today:

The next chapter of the World Wide Web will not be written in English alone. Asia already has twice as many Internet users as North America, and by 2012 it will have three times as many. Already, more than half of the search queries on Google come from outside the United States.

The globalization of the Web has inspired entrepreneurs like Ram Prakash Hanumanthappa, an engineer from outside Bangalore, India. Ram Prakash learned English as a teenager, but he still prefers to express himself to friends and family members in his native Kannada. But using Kannada on the Web involves computer keyboard maps that even Ram Prakash finds challenging to learn.

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LATER: NYT picks the story and feature it like, Writing the Web's Future in Numerous Languages.

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