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Books, Blogs, Articles, Columns, Which Has the Greatest Impact in Our Careers?

Actually we've borrowed the question from The Blue Skunk Blog. Doug Johnson is the webmaster and also the Director of Media and Technology for the Mankato (MN) Public Schools. As a good educator and writer he has released his blog contents under Creative Commons and he' brought this interesting topic we want to pour in some more input.

The following is the cite Johnson included in his referred post:

  • Do you find yourself with too much free time to devote to your family, hobbies, or charity work?
  • Do you feel like you’re wasting time reading books, taking walks, or working on a Master’s Degree?
  • Is your mind so demented that you believe people want to read your every waking thought?
  • Do you want to come home from a full-time job and then work some more? ...

If you answered YES to all 4, Congratulations... you have what it takes to blog. And it is quite possible that you are a moron, slightly creepy, and in a word… breathtakingly odd (sorry, two words… and there is no chance I want to ever meet you in person)

Does a professional have a bigger impact on the profession writing books or blog entries, is the central question here.

We do think that it hasn't a definite answer. As his 'library hero' states, it all depends of different circumstances. First, we all need to remember who is the person who's reading our writings. If these are our colleagues, then both systems, print and online contents will have a great impact. These people have all possibilities to read at his choice and will pick either a book or a computer screen or even a ebook.

On the other hand, if the receivers of this channel of communication are the young ones (not to mention the generations typology), then books will be a waste. New literacy users are more comfortable reading online. They still can read a book on the computer but they will read a print book only in classroom only if the teacher does not allow other outputs. They prefer to do everything online and things are changing with adults, too.

As for ourselves, a blog entry will survive times, it will be there for my son to read it. If not, still some of my friends will check it. The newcomers is highly possible to land any of our posts. Books? We don't even have one, they require much more investment on time and money and we haven't get it yet, a good editor.

What's your takeaway on this hot topic?

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