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Education & Tech News for Educators 01/19/2009

Phony Facebook pages teach students a lesson
After a college resource company created a legion of phony Class of 2013 Facebook groups--a scheme that could have harvested personal information from thousands of students--some higher-education officials say it might be time for colleges to step in and manage online social-networking sites for their campuses themselves.

Students Spending More and Getting Less
Did you watched last edition of 20/20? This is a very troubling report about the increasing cost of college and where the money is going. But it really pays to go college nowadays?

Why the web is the real pedagogic engine
Web has done more for pedagogy in the last five years than the entire output of academic educational departments and other institutions in the last fifty years. See evolution of Google, Wiki and Social Networks.

What Mean Ye “Blogging?”
CogDogBlog wanted to see if there were ways to do blog-like publishing in things that are not blogs. There you go.

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