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Education & Tech News for Educators 01/15/2009

Just one more report - online safety
Read this report, but also read Anne Collier's NetFamilyNews post "Key crossroads for Net safety: ISTTF report released." She writes about how this report might change the too common, fear-based approach to Internet safety to one that is "fact-base." Yeah!

Gawk vs geek
Holograph Instructors - that answer questions on any topic (similar to the android 'Data' of Star Trek fame). Of course this would be a computer-operated 'person' that students can contact through their course management platform. It's not that I mind having a human instructor. But an online environment does create a sense of being in a time warp - learning skills that are not yet applicable to present day reality.

Top Teaching-With-Technology Challenges for 2009
#3. Reaching and engaging today’s learners.

We Don’t Need Education Reform
We need a whole new way of looking at the concept of teaching and learning.

Dismissing Critical Pedagogy: Denis Rancourt Vs. University of Ottawa
Critical Pedagogy = Criminal Pedagogy = Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

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